Amy Cheng

Full stack web developer at the New York Media

Amy is a full stack web developer at the New York Media. She likes to explore the creative and expressive possibilities of programming and physical computing. The first website she ever made was a Star Wars fan site hosted on GeoCities. 


Recreate Masterpieces of Modern Art with Javascript

JavaScript is not just for web apps. This talk looks at JavaScript as an artistic and visual programming language and serves as a primer on generative art. The audience will learn how to recreate one of Damien Hirst’s Spot paintings and one of Piet Mondrian’s Composition paintings in the browser. JavaScript is commonly used to manage interactivity, data, and application states. However, we will use masterpieces of modern art to illustrate JavaScript’s potential to manipulate visual space, color and shape.

In the recent past, creating art for the web - usually in the form of Flash or Java applets - was a completely separate workflow from developing business logic for an app. This talk will show that these workflows can be combined. Also, learning the basics of generative art and how to “draw” for the web is creative and fun!