Day 1

  • yoga.js

    Register here
  • Registration + Coffee

  • Opening

  • Jeremy Keith

    Resilience: Tried and tested approaches to building robust, flexible, and resilient web experiences
  • Break

  • Nicole Rauch

    Event Sourcing a Node.js Application
  • Tomomi Imura

    From Software to Hard ware: How Do I Track My Cat with JavaScript
  • Lunch

  • Abdullah Ali

    The Mad Cousin - Multi-threaded JavaScript
  • Frans Rosén

    The Smörgåsbord of web app hacking – Doing bug bounties as a developer
  • Swedish FIKA!

  • Mariko Kosaka

    Magic of Computer Vision Unraveled
  • Lightning talks

  • Break

  • Ashley Williams

    A brief history and mishistory of modularity
  • Evan You

    Demystifying Frontend Framework Performance
  • Ping Pong + Mini Sumo Robot wars!

  • Drinks + Beers

    Marie Laveau

Day 2

  • yoga.js

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  • Coffee

  • Opening

  • Vitaly Friedman

    Cutting-Edge Responsive Web Design
  • Break

  • David Björklund

    Pragmatic performance patterns
  • Lin Clark

    A Cartoon Guide to Performance in React
  • Lunch

  • Mattias Petter Johansson

    If you know map, I will teach you monads
  • Rachel White

    JavaScript as Play
  • Swedish FIKA!

  • Irina Shestak

    JavaScript Takes on Genetically Evolving Cellular Automata
  • Lightning talks

  • Break

  • Amy Cheng

    Recreate Masterpieces of Modern Art with Javascript
  • Jem Young

    Embracing The Future
  • Transport to FESTEN



Day 3

  • Workshop: New Adventures in Responsive Web Design

    Read more and register
    A workshop hosted by Vitaly Friedman. Requires separate registration!