Tomomi Imura

Senior Developer Advocate at Nexmo

Tomomi is a Senior Developer Advocate at Nexmo, who previously worked in mobile roles for Yahoo!, Nokia, and Palm. She’s an Open Web advocate and writes about HTML5, CSS, JS, UX, tech events and gadgets on her blog. However, unintentionally she’s perhaps best known for creating the HTTP Status Cats


From Software to Hard ware: How Do I Track My Cat with JavaScript.

In the era of Internet of Things, connecting things to the mobile devices and web is becoming ubiquitous. You can control room light using your mobile phone. You can monitor your heart rate and weight on browser. JavaScript engineers like you already have skills to prototype ideas to build software, so why not hardware too.

Tomomi Imura, a front-end engineer with no background in electrical engineering, shares how she got started with hardware hacking with JavaScript, also talks about her recent fun project, KittyCam, a Raspberry Pi camera with cat facial detection to see when her cat is eating while being away from home.